376502_289407637765180_1335370726_nWelcome to the Official site of Subhransu Satpathy

He is a person, Lover of beauties of nature. An alumnus of School of Film & Media Sciences, Kiit University Bhubaneswar, with Specialization in Cinematography with a passion to make documentary film making based on Nature & Wildlife. It’s his passion & he chooses his passion as his profession. After getting a camera he became more enthusiastic in his mission. He went on capturing every single beauty of Nature from a Dragonfly’s transparent wings to a cobra’s hood making. He firmly believes that to appreciate the beauty of wildlife, it is essential that we do our bit to protect it. He thought a picture or a video can do much more. In conversations video & pictures are even more important as they                                                    give a voice to the voiceless species which are facing threats like                                                      never before. He love to make movies on the basis of Nature, wildlife                                                  because, He want to spread message by audio visual medium where                                                  he can inform thousands of people on the finer aspects of  Nature,                                                      Wildlife & our environment through screening the films. He decided to                                                  dedicate his time & energy by making Films on Wildlife &                                                                  Conservation which helps to create awareness among                                                                        people. He also writes articles on wildlife, conservation &                                                                    film-making. He have created a blog known as                                                                                  theyreallyneedus.blogspot.in, it was                                                                                                  create to make awareness just to save the little creature.